Vero 4K+ keeps losing ssh/sftp connection

I’m trying to backup my Vero 4K+ so I can do a full reinstall my .kodi directory is 1.44GB in size and I’ve tried both SFTP Net Drive 2017 and WinSCP on a Windows machine to copy the directory and using both programs after about 3 or 4 minutes of copying the Vero just drops the connection. Any ideas, it’s driving me crazy.

Well not sure why your ssh connection drops but if it is only your kodi folder you want to save suggest two options.

  1. Use the MyOSMC Backup tool to backup to your shared folder.
  2. Maybe try to pack your folder into a file with tar and transfer that file (maybe then it doesn’t disconnect

Yep, zipped it up, and managed to get it copied across to my PC ok, but that’s gonna be a pain every time I want to backup. It may be quicker to backup to a USB stick next time.

This definitely seems to be a Vero/OSMC problem, I’ve got two generic Chinese boxes running CoreElec that I regularly backup over WinSCP with no problems