Vero 4K KODI not passing (some) HDR metadata

Do you actually understand how difficult it is to calibrate HDR? I came to this point when my HDR calibration was going nowhere because of the limitations of the Vero & Kodi.

The lack of spectacular highlights are obvious on many HDR content so, yes, it is more than staring at test patterns. Please don’t patronise me. I am just trying to help OSMC here. I own 2 Vero 4K+'s

My SDR is fully calibrated and it makes a huge difference.

I have ordered an Odroid N2 because that does respect HDR metadata and about to order an M9702 Oppo based streamer because, yes, I do expect my high end TV to get fed the highest quality source.

Please educate yourself here :4K HDR10 - State of Play thread - important media player limitations.

I didn’t spend 1000’s on software and meters to be silly.

Edit : For HDR calibration, one should never touch Brightness or Contrast as the display uses the default settings for tone mapping. So I haven’t even got off base and progressed to GrayScale/CMS because of the metadata issue. NB, for Samsung QLED, one should adjust Contrast to match the reference EOTF & Luminance curve as Samsung deliberately make the pic too bright. That I have done (caveat using the Vero so I need to double check using the Samsung player).

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But calling the product useless for HDR … that is ok?
Yeah it could be better, it is being worked on … if that isn’t enough

Read my post again. I didn’t say useless. I have also pointed out that OSMC are working on a fix. And that is obvious from the AVSforums link which Sam is active on.

Its your take on it that’s dodge especially since you clearly know nothing about how HDR works. I am by no means an expert but I do know enough to know that HDR on the Vero is not what is could and will be.

'Nuff said. I’m out of here.

So what happens with all the UHD material that doesn’t have the correct meta data or any metadata at all? Is there a way of setting this with 3rd party software?

We already have full HDR output on 4.9 working, and that kernel is a couple of weeks off being made available for public testing


There is fallback metadata – which is already sent.

But didn’t you really?

Sadly, you are choosing to ignore everything else I have said and have picked on one point where I have indeed said that. Perhaps, I should have added ‘for critical viewing’ but that was implied.

Take it as you will. I really don’t care.

Happy to help out with the testing, Sam

From what we can see, the plumbing to send HDR metadata is there, but the microcode for the HEVC decoder isn’t extracting this metadata.

There’s a newer version of this microcode and we’re seeing if we can shoehorn this in as a quick fix (i.e. next couple of days) to pass through metadata in the interim



Yay! Looking forward to that. :slight_smile: Also looking forward to nagging you about one or two things you said you weren’t going to have time to look at until after the new kernel came out. :smiling_imp:


@sarit.shah, Internet forums are no place for those who are hyper sensitive.
You find it perfectly reasonable to critique the Vero with your opinion of “no point watching” but can’t handle people critiquing your opinion.
The door swings both ways.
No need to pout about it.
I love the Vero!
Is it perfect? No.
But it is the best local storage media player available in my opinion.
And Sam is awesome.
He hears us, his customers, and puts a lot of work into making the Vero as close to perfect as possible.
Not so people can say that “there is no point watching on” it.
No need to attack the people that called you out for your ludicrous opinion.
Just be thankful that Sam does what he does and just admit that what you said was out of line.
We all make mistakes sometimes.
It’s no big deal to take back what you said.
We’ll forgive you.

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Please read what I said.

Words like ‘ludicrous’ do not make your opinion at all credible. Neither do insulting & clownish statements from someone who attacked me for ‘not calibrating’ when that person has clearly no idea about HDR make him credible either. Had that opinion been better phrased, then I most probably would have given it some respect. As it is, neither of you are worth it.

I don’t need you or anyone else to forgive me.

I have the utmost admiration & respect for Sam & OSMC. The Vero 4K+ is fantastic product (which is why I have 2 after much research on Kodi media players). I have said as much elsewhere. But shutting down debate which is what some are doing here is a big issue for me.

Edit : I will and do apologise to Sam & the OSMC team for my comment - I should have qualified it as I have stated above. I am not too proud to acknowledge when I am wrong - I have done so in the past.


So using the word ludicrous makes my opinion of your poor opinion incredible?



lu·​di·​crous | \ ˈlü-də-krəs \

Definition of ludicrous

1 : amusing or laughable through obvious absurdity, incongruity, exaggeration, or eccentricity

2 : meriting derisive laughter or scorn as absurdly inept, false, or foolish

Sounds like the perfect word to describe your “there is no point watching on Vero” statement.
Oh, but using the word “clownish” is so credible cool guy.

Riiiight… I clearly have no idea about HDR, because Mr. Credible said so.

Yup, Mr. Credible can’t respect opinions that don’t meet his arbitrary phraseology standards.
And even if you magically meet said standards, at best “some” respect would “probably” be “given”, but no guarantees.

Yet, your replied.
Go figure.
You act as if we’re all beneath you, yet here you are at our level.

No one is shutting down debate.
In fact, this entire thread, started 20 months ago, has been a great debate until Mr. Credible came in here with his “I’m better than everyone else, no understands HDR except me, there’s no point in watching the Vero until all HDR metadata is passed to my TV” attitude.

Get over yourself.

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Gentlemen, this is getting quite off-topic…


Quite agree.

Seems like some peoples buttons are easily pushed. There is zero point in debating with people who just read what they want to read.

I’ll stop.

Let’s focus on the technical side of things and get full metadata passthrough working as promptly as possible



@sam_nazarko, just an fyi, but just confirmed my Odroid N2 running CE (4.9 kernel) does pass the metadata and matches my Oppo in the patterns I have posted previously. It does have its own problems though like can’t play HDR10+ (gets converted to SDR) so something to look out for in the Vero too perhaps? Very little HDR10+ material out there (Alita Battle Angel is the only one I care about) so low priority probably.

Happy to help with any testing.

Our 4.9 kernel isn’t based on the CE/N2 kernel. There is however a bug in AML’s 4.9 drop (upstream) which causes HDR10+ to be treated as SDR, but the solution is trivial.




I am keen for this!

I do have some HDR10+ titles and supporting hardware to go with it as well.

Keen to do some testing when the time comes :slight_smile: