Vero 4K locking up since April update - Blue/green screen

Recently, anytime we go to turn on our Vero 4K input (the vero is just set to stay on all the time, but the AVR and TV will turn off), the Vero is a pale blue/green screen just locked up. A few times it will show the screen saver (picture viewer) locked in place.

This used to happen a long time ago,but has come back with the Kodi date and April OSMC update. The device itself has a 120mm (slow) fan pointed at it, in a media cabinet with ample air flow. It seem to run warmer now than it used to in general.

Is there something I should be doing differently? I am very confused. I’ve also been seeing some hangs at “cleaning library” pop up that never seemed to happen before. Overall I am trying to figure out if this thing is having update issues, or if it is hardware problems that cause it to keep crashing out right.

Can you try disabling the screensaver and letting us know if the issue persists?

Yup I will try. I know the screen saver puts a load on the machine when idle (paging through thousands of photos), but it didnt really have issues until this update. I will give it a try and see whats up.