Vero 4k - Log file is too big to upload


I had an issue and was trying to upload the log file, however, using the command line, it doesn’t give me a valid URL, please see below:

 osmc@osmc:~$ grab-logs -A
 Logs successfully uploaded.
 Logs available at<html>

If I then try to save locally and then upload, it tells me the file is too big:

osmc@osmc:~$ grab-logs -A -C
Logs copied to /boot/uploadlog.txt on the SD card FAT partition
osmc@osmc:~$ paste-log /boot/uploadlog.txt
Unable to upload log. Log file is too large. (218MB)

Is this normal?

It is normal that it refuses to upload as your file is much too big (218MB).

I suggest you reboot twice (to clear the current and previous Kodi log) and then reproduce your issue and upload the logs. At that time it should not complain about the size.