Vero 4K+ messes with ARC


I think you are mistaken about ARC. Normally, TVs normally have 1 ARC on HDMI2. And it’s interesting that that’s where you have the Vero connected. Try swapping the Amp on HDMI4 with the Vero and see what happens.


Okay, after following jaybird’s suggestion…

… my Vero 4k crashes after c. 30 seconds, reboots, and crashes again in a continuous loop.

I have to reinstall OSMC for better or worse, or is there another possibility?

I installed and activated the Backup Plugin. Hope that this will work relatively quickly. with that said, I don’t have time today (have to do my taxes and hope to spend some quality time with the kids).



Quoting the manual of the TV: HDMI ARC (p. 25 “All of the HDMI connections on the TV have HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel).”

According to the manual only HDMI 1 & 2 have Ultra HD capability. Probably does not make sense to connect the Vero 4k to a non 4k HDMI as this defeats the purpose of having a Vero 4k.

Best, M


Crashes or Kodi is restating with a sad face?
If it’s a sad face we can probably work that out.


It stops with a sad face (from the appearance I’d say that OSMC crashes not Kodi) and then it reboots.



Ok, then try: Vero: 1, Soundbar: 2, Firestick: 4 and see what happens.


Sad face is Kodi crashing. Are you actually seeing the boot sequence or Kodi just starts again?


Interesting read of the manual:

But once you have
connected the Home Theatre System, the TV can
only send the ARC signal to this HDMI connection.

I wonder if the TV is getting confused.


You are correct. Kodi is rebooting (I have an active terminal connection to Vero and it does not shutdown).

So, is there a way to rescue the system?




grab-logs -X -g

and share the URL.




You just got caught by the TVDB bug…

sudo systemctl stop mediacenter
nano .kodi/userdata/guisettings.xml

find this line:

<setting id="videolibrary.updateonstartup">true</setting>

and change it to:

<setting id="videolibrary.updateonstartup">false</setting>

save the file, and restart Kodi:

sudo systemctl start mediacenter

Should get you running again.


Thanks Brian, that did the trick!!

With that said, coming back to your other suggestion:

This would imply to connect my FireStick 4k to a non-4k connector, which doesn’t make sense to me. It would be great to connect my two 4k devices (Vero 4k and Firestick 4k) to the 4k connectors and my two non-4k devices (the soundsystem and the WII) to the non-4k connectors, respectively.

I’m not sure whether it’s the TV set… everyting is fine as long as I do not connect the Vero 4k.



From the manual:

But once you have
connected the Home Theatre System, the TV can
only send the ARC signal to this HDMI connection.

I’m wondering if the TV is getting confused as which connection is the AVR.


but isn’t this how it is supposed to work? I have one HTS connected to my TV and the TV is supposed to send the ARC signal to the HTS… which it does as long as the Vero isn’t connected. Therefore, coming back to my original statement:

I don’t understand why the Vero 4k is interfering even though I’m not even watching anything on the Vero (it just is connected to the TV)?



I was quoting from the manual. That’s an unusual way to support ARC. Most TVs have a dedicated ARC port.

Have you tried disconnecting other devices? It could be an odd interaction between the Vero and another device.


Thanks Brian.

I’m currently quite busy and cannot perform tests right now (too much work and there’s the family, too). I reconnected the Vero yesterday evening and experienced no problems yesterday night. will report any changes and if swapping channels does change anything.

Best, M


Hello, just dropping in because I noticed that thread.
I reported this problem last year but I gave up since I don’t have time to mess around with command lines, my free time is short.
I confirm everything that Markus said and even more since i have now 2 other AVR and 2 other TV, that problem remains on each set. So it’s not brand related.
Only fix is to unplug hdmi cable from Vero4K and reboot TV if necessary to get avr detected back.
I wanted a 2nd vero4k but i’m holding off due to that mainly and due to lack of visibility concerning next hardware releases in general.


The 4K + is less than a year old. It’s not being replaced any time soon.



I for one am happy to hear that there (apparently) won’t be a new model every year.