Vero 4k new hard drive heartbeat?

right so im pretty sure its my hard drive at least only when its plugged in. I first heard t a few days ago and couldnt work ot where its coming from so ve been looking round my room still cant pin point the more i look the less i hear. I have a lot of elecronics so it could be anything?. if i remove the hard drve the sound seems to stop but its a new toshiba hard drive dont see why its breaking? I did a google and it sounds like its that im gonna try swtching my data over to another hard drive and reformating it? maybe send it back if it carys on? i dont reallly know how to proceed any advice? i know ts not massivly osmc related so sorry if this is the wrong place to post

Can you explain the issue a little more clearly?

there is like a pulseing niose in my room tv way. i look but cant find it but if i eject my hard drive it stops if you google hard drive heart beat there are posts saying its probbaly breaking i know thats not the vero or i dont think but what should i do switch over my data and reformat then if it carrys on send it back? like i said i know its not massivly osmc related but its all i use the hard drive for and didnt know where else to ask on the web. thanks for the quick reply

Are you hearing a clicking noise?
That can sometimes mean the HDD is on its way.

But because the sound is so subjective it’s hard to speculate.
If you are worried or your data is precious, back it up.

If your drive is getting enough power, it won’t be a Vero related issue.


its not a clicking, its a beating sound allways two beats one after the other then nothing for 1 min or 30 seconds. Its weird and yeah not too worried but a lot of films on there so i will back it up i guess. Is there any way to check its gettng enough power?i have a single wire to the hard drive not a split one, maybe if i use the splt wire and a plug to usb to power it it might fx the issue?

problem solved thanks

Please share what your solution was, it may help other people.

well i feel a bit foolish tbh i switched to my two cable one and put one in my pi for power then my vero the other it seemed quiter but didnt stop, my hard drive is velcroed to my vero on a plastic tub that my tv is on instead of a desk so put a towl uder it problem solved it was just rattling on the plastic nothng interesting

thanks though