Vero 4k+ nfs share

So I already have a Vero 4k - accessing my NAS via nfs.
I can also access the NAS nfs shares from my PC.

I received my Vero 4k+ today and for some reason that device just can’t access the same shares?!
The Vero 4k+ is connected to the internet and on the same network as the NAS!

Any thoughts anyone?

More information like how are you connecting to the shares (Kodi or fstab mounts) would be helpful. Logs could also be helpful. On the NAS check /etc/exports to make sure you are allowing the IP of the Vero to connect.

Are you using hostnames or IPs?



Hi, thanks for responses.
Using IPs, historically access was allowed by specific IPs but not anymore and still not working.
I’m going to assign an IP to the Vero that was in the original allow list see if that works.

On the Vero run showmount -e <SERVER IP> to check what the Vero could access

Hi all,
Thanks for your support.
The issue has been resolved, it appears to be an issue with my NAS. Although the GUI settings say it’s not restricted by IP it is. I used an IP for the Vero that I knew historically was on the old allow list and all works.
Will now look at fixing the issue with my NAS.