Vero 4k+ not updating?

It was my understanding that the Vero 4k+ is set by default to update itself and it will notify you if there is an update.
It has never notified me so I decided to check things out for myself.
I go to My OSMC > Updates and everything looks like how’d I’d imagined.
It will check for updates randomly only if thew system has been idle for at least one minute and it will notify me, but I have never received any notifications since I’ve had the Vero 4k+.
So I went and looked to see what version I am running by going to Settings > System info > Summary and it says I’m running 2018.08-2.
There is a monthly update right?
A week into October and it’s still running on August software.
So I decided to check for an update myself by going to My OSMC > Updates > Manual Controls > Scan for updates now.
It says downloading… cache updated - please wait… then There are no updates available.
Only option I have at that point is to select “OK”.
So is that true that there are no updates?
Seems odd to me like something is not right with the updating.
That being said, everything seems to work just fine so it’s not like I’m dying for an update or something to fix some bug that’s a thorn in my side or something.
Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

That is the latest firmware. Your 4k+ is fine.