Vero 4K+ Performance

There’s been a lot of discussion here around the Vero 4K+ performance. I wanted to share a very positive experience with testing I have been doing. I recently ripped some high bitrate 4K UHD HEVC video files which average speeds in the 78 mbps range and peak closer to 85 mbps. I’ve been testing playing these files with my Vero 4K+ over 5ghz WiFi. The WiFi router is about 25 feet away and there is air conditioning ducts between them. I am running with a Harmony 650 IR emote and ir-keytable enabled.

Overall the results have been very positive. FF, RW, skip forward and back all work fine with no signs of delay or buffering. The Harmony 650 is very responsive and only on occassion is there a delay for a few seconds. The CPU usage across the cores is typically under 50% and only occasionally spikes higher.

I’ve tested the same over gig Ethernet and the results are even better with no IR delays ever. I am serving these from a Mezzmo uPNP / DLNA server and have tested with multiple streams running. I am running the latest version of OSMC on the Vero 4K+ units and no special Kodi advanced settings.