Vero 4k + remote out of battery in less than one week

Hello, since two months a go my vero 4k + remote it get out of battery. I always turn off the vero 4k + when im not using it. I tried rebind it again without luck. its better to put the vero 4k + in sleep mode when its not in use or turn on all the time?


Try re-pairing it (you stated you did this already but not sure if you followed all steps).

If this is a recent issue, then something may have changed in your environment.

I re-pair the remote but still the same. I didnt change anything. I use my tv remote with CEC function for now

Try moving the device away from sources of potential interference.

It may well not be the same issue, but I had a problem with battery drain in my remote - it used to get through a battery about once every three weeks. Replacing the remote was the only thing that helped. The new one has lasted about two months and is still going strong

not the same problem as OP, but Kodi notified me about the battery running out after 2 months.
Vero 4k received at the end of August, notification appeared a couple of days ago.

  • Is 2 months normal?
  • How much energy is left in the battery when “battery is running out” appears?
  • I noticed that the remote “flashes” the IR led even if using it with RF? Is’t it a waste of energy?

This is based on voltage.

Battery life depends on usage and environment. Some users won’t replace their battery for 9 months, some will replace every 3.

It is very important to have an LED that flashes to verify the remote is operational.

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