Vero 4k+ through Denon 2300W - video issues

I’m trying to get my new Vero to play nicely with my Denon 2300W reciever.

So far, if I set the Vero 4K user interface to 4K, it will show on the display attached to the reciever. If I drop this to 1920x1080p then the display goes blank.

If the interface is left to 4k, then I play a 1920x1080p movie the video is shown, but when hitting the INFO button for the TV, it’s saying 4k resolution at the same framerate as the source material (24/50/60)

The reciever has all processing set to OFF for HDMI, no scaling etc.

The Vero is set to ALWAYS for the change of refresh rate.

Any other places I shuld be looking at?

Directly conenct ed to the TV - no issues. All other devices running through the reciever are also ok (SkyQ, xBox, BluRay)


If your UI resolution is 4k then it would only drop back down to 1080p if you set the whitelist. As for the blank screen at 1080p did you try a different frame rate and see what happened?

Try another HDMI cable

I’ll have a try this evening when I get hoe from work.

Sorry for the delay in an update, in impromptu living room re-arrange just happened.

Anyway took it as an opportunity to refresh all cabling and connectivity to the AMP, but still no joy from the OSMC box through the reciever, all other kit works, Sky Q @4k, XBox One @ 4K and another media player @ 1080p.

What’s weird is I can hear the audio but just a blank picture.

Will have another play around tomorrow, but any further ideas would be appreciated.

Definitely need to see some logs here.


OK, big delay in replying as I’ve been working away from home.

A bit more trial end error:

OSMC Interface set at 4k@60hz - picture+audio through Denon amp
OSMC Interface set at HD@60p - no picture but audio works. (Amp is seeing somehing as if no HDMI signal it displays DENON logo, but it is not.

When it’s set at 4k/60p when I playback say a 1080p/24 movie, theres a bit of delay on screen then the TV info is reporting 4k/24, it seems to be upsampling?

Amp is set to do nothing with any HDMI input. Playing the same movie off another media player shows it at 1080/24.

May flatten the box and start from scratch, unless you thing collecting logs would be helpful?

OSMC directly to TV (Hisense M6500) works fine.

Don’t set the GUI at 4K
Set it to 1080p and enable Adjust Refresh Rate


When I set the GUI at 1080p and enable Adjust Refresh Rate (stop/start, start or always) it does not show the GUI through the amp. If Ihard reboot the OSMC (with GUI at 1080p) I can see the boot messages, then the blue screen with OSMC logo in the centre but as it goes to the main menu my screen goes blank. I can sill hear the audio though.

Upload logs in that situation via SSH.

Resolution should be set to 1920x1080p
Refresh rate shouldn’t matter
Adjust display refresh rate should be On start/stop

The whitelist is a bit of a personal choice. If there is nothing set at all then it will (with the above settings) play all Full HD and lower content at 1080p, and any 2k/4k content will be sent to your TV at a higher resolution. If you have anything set in the whitelist then it will ONLY output at the UI resolution and framerate, and whatever is set in the whitelist.

If you give us logs then we can see what your settings are and what your device is reporting which may allow us to spot a problem.

I know it’s a long time since I last updated this, but I did not have the time, due to a change of job, to really investigate it properly!

Anyway I still hadnt been able to rectify the issue, even after reinastalling OSMC from scratch.

However for Xmas I treated myself to a TV upgrade from Hisense LCD to LG OLED, the rest of the setup stayed the same, I don;t know what made me just flick over the the OSMC input, but low and behold the output was perfect! I can only assume that the TV just didnt like the OSMC after being passed through the amp, but that is and always has been set to just pass though, no processing, only picking out the audio.

Needless to say I’m chuffed and currently setting it all up again :slight_smile: