Vero 4k will not boot after a week

Bought a vero 4k to replace my Rpi3 with osmc since i got a 4k tv. I have a Lg uj6300 and a Yamaha Rx-S601 surround sound unit. The vero is set up identical to my rpi3 same apps same usb hard drive with ftp setup. The vero ran great for about a week. One day when watching a video it locked up. i let it sit for a few minutes unplugged waited 10 seconds and plugged back in. I was greeted with the please wait screen. One hour later still the please wait screen. I tied using the instructions to reinstall osmc. While trying to install the countdown timer got down to thirty seconds and hung. i let it sit for a little time and thought there might be an sd card problem. i got another sd card and put the october release on it and tried to install. Install completed and booted osmc. Tried to scroll down the menu and the box locked up again waited a little bit reset and it was stuck on the same please wait screen. As a last attempt i tried hooking it directly to an older vizio tv with a different hdmi cable and tried a third sd card with the new update. The count down timer hung at 45 seconds.

Is there anything else yall can think to try?

Just to ensure it is not an overheating issue. Do you have enough airflow around the Vero?
Otherwise I guess a PM to @sam_nazarko makes sense

That was the first thing i tried. I originally had it in a closet with all the audio and video equipment and the closet runs about 85 degrees. I moved it on top of a table under my tv for the troubleshooting however it didn’t help . I was originally gonna contact sam however he seems like a busy guy and didn’t wanna bother him if it wasn’t necessary .

Well the likelihood of Hardware issue is quite limited but if you ensure proper circulation, have the power plugged directly into the wall outlet and tried different SD cards for recovery there might not be much left

Ill give him a holler . Thanks for the help


I’m sorry to hear your Vero 4K has stopped working.

Can you confirm that Vero 4K is connected directly to a wall socket?

I know @fzinken has asked you already, but does Vero 4K feel hot to the touch?

We test hardware thoroughly before sending it out, but power supplies are difficult to test. I think it’s very likely this is the problem if there is indeed a hardware fault. If you email, we will send you a new PSU. If you still experience problems, we’ll swap your device out.

I am very sorry about this issue, but rest assured, we’ll take care of it quickly.

I’ve made a note of this issue and raised a credit on your account.


It was plugged into a power strip when the problem first occured however when I tried reinstalling I moved it to a wall socket and it does not feel hot to the touch.

I have a spare 5v 2a power supply with the same connector I could try but I wanted to check with you first if it would be OK to try this ?

Yes you can try the adapter if it’s the same specifications


Getting something a little different with my other power supply. Gonna try and reinstall osmc and see if it gets me anywhere .

Looks like a kernel panic. Try reinstalling and try the device on another display if you can

Tried another TV with a different hdmi cable and my power supply hooked to the wall. The first SD card got to where it said installing and then hung for over an hour. The second SD card made it to 56 seconds on the count down and has been sitting like this for about two hours.

That doesn’t sound good. If your power supply is definitely outputting 5V, 2A, then there may be a problem with the hardware. Please contact so we can look in to this for you.

Will do . Thank you