Vero 4K+ with gigabit issue


I think that my vero 4K+ is of the problematic ones regarding the gigabit speed.

I order it July 26 and received it September 18th.

Iperf3 tests are giving me speeds from 50 to 200 mbits most of the time.

If I reboot vero it might reach 500 mbits but after a while drops back to area of 100.

With the –R option I get a full speed of 950 mbits.

I have tested with different switches and cables (even cat7) – no difference.

With the same equipment, using a simple PC in place of vero, I get 950+ mbits.

My first vero 4K, not a 4K+, might reproduce high bandwidth movie better than the 4K+ using exactly the same cabling and switch!

What can be done?



Which side gives you low performance, TX or RX?
You can contact to have it replaced if the problem is in the TX direction.

it’s the Tx direction, iperf client is the vero and iperf sever my NAS

OK – I would suggest you contact then

The thread I posted about slow speeds has been locked. I had about 500 on my 4k+ and it was suggested that my old OS might be the bottleneck. I bought a new nic for the server that helped a smidge but not much.

Today I finally upgraded the mediaserver to a moders OS and imediatly tested iperf3.

Server to vero4k+ via ethernetcables and a Meraki gigabit switch gives me about 950 both ways.

Basically i want to tell you you were right and I am very happy with this speed. I am a little sad to leave a familiar environment but it was foremost security reasons that made me do it and the extra speed is a nice bonus.

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Yes – we resolved any problematic devices and fixed the problem for future batches.

Glad to hear you’re getting better speeds after some changes.