Vero 4K+ With Plex Media Player

Evening @sam_nazarko,

Been lurking on the forums for a while and and think the Vero 4K+ is a very capable bit of kit for the price!

I’ve been a longtime Plex user and I am considering a shift back to OSMC / Kodi for the better LiveTV support…

My question is if I decide I want to make the jump back to Plex ; is there a realistic chance I will be able to tweak the build code to produce an image using Plex Media Player instead of Kodi? I’m a quick learner but it’s soemthing I would have to learn to do and just wanted to ask the question to check it’s not a definite “no go” before I committed!

I’ve seen the threads on how to build Plex from source and my guess is OSMC uses a variation on LibreElec to build a “just enough OS” suited to the Vero Hardware. Like I said just wanted to check the it wasn’t a ridiculous though before I bought one!

Thanks in advance for your time!


Highly unlikely. You would essentially need to build your own custom OS to run on the hardware and run PMP. You don’t learn to tweak such code over a weekend or 12… But Kodi can be used as a Plex client as is.

OSMC isn’t based on LibreELEC.

You could build OpenPHT, which I believe is what some users do; but there will probably not be hardware acceleration.

There are two Plex add-ons for Kodi. One is an official one and the other is Plex Kodi Connect. These should meet your requirements.


PlexKodiConnect is fantastic and works amazingly well with OSMC to give the perfect combination of Kodi frontend and Plex Media Server backend.

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I am running Kodi 17.6 and I am running the official Plex add on and it’s works perfectly.

@jamesgrey how did you do this? Mine fails to connect to Plex media server and the solution I saw was either to remove script.plex folder or downgrade requester. Did you simply install?

@eagerbeaver I just installed the plex add on and it works perfectly. However under settings you have to allow unsecure servers under same network then it will access your library.

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@jamesgrey Thanks. Mine works now too :smile:

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I am in the same situation i bought a vero 4k+ to replace my htpc.
I use the plex client, just installed and works perfectly.
Once it has been updated to incorporate the live tv section / dvr functions it will be perfect.

The vero box however runs anything i throw through it perfectly, @sam_nazarko a fantastic bit of kit, tiny little device, I am not regretting my purchase.