Vero 4k with Raspberry Pi Ambilight not working

Hi Guys,

so I have a Raspberry Pi Ambilight.
It’s working fine with my PS4 but I can’t make it work with the Vero 4k.

The setup is the following:
Source (e.g. PS4) -> CSL - 4k UHD HDMI Splitter -> Output 1 going to TV and Output 2 going to -> Musou HDMI to 3RCA Composite CVBS Video Audio AV Converter Adapter -> LogiLink Audio/ Video Grabber USB 2.0 -> Raspberry Pi 3 -> 107 LED APA102

The Raspberry 3 is running on a Rasbian Stretch with HyperCon installed and configured.
As mentioned it’s working fine with the PS4.
But as soon as I connect the Vero 4K the lights go off and then nothing. I still can use the Vero 4K but just without the lights.

Did anybody have similar issue and was able to solve it?
Is there any workaround to this?
Any input is much appreciated

I have about the same setup except I have running on the Vero itself. Seen as you are running with a v4l-grabber I don’t understand why the lights wouldn’t work. What do the logs of hyperion say?

I’ll share the logs once I get home and have access to the Pi. SSH isn’t enabled right now.
Do you have hyperion running on both machines then?
If so, is there a specific reason to have it running on the Vero 4K as well?
Do they have to link in any way?

I’m not running it on a Pi. Didn’t see the need for an extra box. I’ve got the USB-grabber (Fushicai) connected to the Vero and running on it.
The output of my AVR is connected to a HDMI-splitter. 1 end goes to the TV, other to a convertor connected to the usb-grabber. My LED’s are connected to a Teensy which is plugged in the Vero.

I’ve changed the OS to OSMC and it’s seems to be working.
Not sure the issue is related to Rasbian Stretch. But I tried on Stretch 3-4 times with new images but couldn’t get it to work.
First try on OSMC and it’s working::slight_smile:
So there is proof once again: OSMC gets things done.