Vero can no longer open external HDDs

My Vero used to open my external HDD (WD my passport 1tb usb 3.0) without any issues. Also opened my gf’s drive.

We changed house and now it no longer can. The drive opens but there are some loud clicking sounds and then it discontents and connects again. Same for the other drive. I tried swapping the usb cables and ports but this didn’t help. Reinstalling OSMC also didn’t help.

There are only three things different to before. The TV is now bigger. The extension lead is different (does the same job though). And the house itself Is different.

My limited understanding tells me it might be a power issue but I struggle with ideas how to solve it. Any help is appreciated!

That sounds like a power issue. You either should use a disk with own power supply or use a powered USB hub.

Is the disk externally powered?
It sounds like the Vero is trying to spin up the drive (which consumes a lot of power) but is unable to do so, hence the clicking.


Thank you for the reply.

Yes the Hdd indeed relies on Kodi for power.

What makes me think that it isn’t a power issue, or if it is that it’s fixable, is that the HDD used to work completely fine with Kodi up to a few months ago. So something has changed but I don’t see why the same drive would all of a sudden need more power than before.

I was thinking that perhaps Kodi can’t supply as much power as previously so I tested plugging it directly to the power outlet (no extension lead) - but this didn’t help.

Kodi v18 uses more resources (including power than Kodi v17).
We recommend externally powering devices for them to work reliably on Vero.



I am using the 4 port powered usb from the osmc shop for my hdd’s. These drives are usb powered only.
I am having the same difficulties, however it is not always happening and a simple restart of the specific port works most of the time. Any ideas for this?

How many drives are you trying to power off of it and what does their spec sheets list as their maximum power draw? It sounds like you might be running on the ragged edge of the hubs power limits.


That would be 3, but 1 has its own power source. I will plug 1 in directly in the vero and see if that solves it.

If your only actually powering two of the drives from the hub that shouldn’t be necessary. The Vero Hub comes with a two amp power supply and neither of those should be drawing quite that much. Is it always the same drive that drops out?

I had it with both the 2 usb powered ones. For now it seems to be gone, I just hope they’re not gonna die on me.