Vero crashes on certain video files

I recently bought a Vero 4k+ and most of is working fine. For some reason I can’t play certain videos from my NAS. Everything works perfectly except for videos taken from my phone that I uploaded to my NAS. Whenever I play it on my Vero 4k+ it starts buffering, and it seems that the video starts playng, but I just see a loading icon in the middle of the screen. When I press the “Stop” button on my remote, the Vero crashed and I have to pull the power plug to restart it.

The video files can be played from my phone and computer without a problem. I added the mediainfo of one of the files I am having problems with. Other videos from my NAS work without a problem. It’s just the ones taken from my phone that are having this problem.


Suggest to copy the file onto the Vero and try to play from there. Then we know if it is a Videoplayback or Network issue.

I just copied the file to a USB stick and put it in the Vero. The same thing happens when I try to play it from there.

The mediainfo data provided show a variable frame rate which could be an issue with the HW acceleration. Could you try to de-activate this for tests at

GUI->Settings->Player->Videos->Allow hardware acceleration

After your test, please, re-activate it again since it is the normal modus to operate the Vero with.

I tried it and the video does start, but it plays in slow motion while the sound plays at regular speed. And Vero doesn’t crash when I stop the video.

So is the issue in the files itself? Is the variable frame rate something that shouldn’t be there? Or is Vero supposed to be able to handle these kind of videos?

Hardware decoders traditionally struggle with variable frame rates. It plays slowly in software because the clip is quite complex.

What’s the source of the file?

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The files are all videos taken with my current or previous smartphone. I did a quick Google search and read that it’s common for phones to record with a variable frame rate.

I’m not sure if it’s of any use, but I previously had a Raspberry pi with Kodi on it and it was able to play these files. That makes me think that it’s possible in Kodi. Or is it more hardware related?

Yes, it’s possible in Kodi using software decode, but you won’t have enough performance to play it back smoothly.