Vero installed latest software update; install failed now hung & unresponsive


This evening I went into My OSMC on my Vero and checked for updates. It checked and said updates were available and I selected yes to install. After about 5 minutes the updates stopped and now the following error appears on the screen and the Vero is completely unresponsive to all remote commands:

“error installing armv7-network-osmc. Please report this issue on OMSC forum.”

I didn’t want to try powering off the Vero without checking here first. Please can somebody tell me what to do? I guess I have to pull the power as there’s no other way to restart Vero?

I am pretty new to OSMC/Vero and inexperienced. Maybe I can try to SSH in and reboot the OS? But I’m worried that OSMC install will be messed-up as the update failed to install. Please help…

Hi stukey

This is odd.

First, you can pull the power. You can’t brick a Vero – but worst case scenario you have to reinstall the software on the SD from

Secondly, can you upload a log from My OSMC -> Logs after it boots up again?


Hi Sam,

I have the same issue on my Vero after just running an update too, kinda wishing I hadn’t now…

Have up loaded logs as requested, at least I think I have managed to do so… Hope that helps, thanks

We need the URL that was presented when they were uploaded.

CPU’s going crazy, up into 90s one moment, teens the next, alternating across the two of them. Will resend log and post url.

Slow remote, going to shutdown and address issues tomorrow.

Can you get SSH access to your device? Running these command should resolve things:

sudo apt-get update
sudo systemctl start manual-update


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Thanks. Have done that, seems to have sorted things. Did get an error message. Unable to update package (unknown page) please report on OSMC forum.

Have uploaded another log, can be viewed here: upicomotoz


Hi @sam_nazarko

Thanks for your quick response. I rebooted Vero and everything seems OK again now. I have uploaded the logs as requested to:


Should I try the manual update again from My OSMC or perhaps follow the instructions you posted to Martin?

Same thing happened to me. But it didn’t freeze totally. Only the remote was not working. With a keyboard I was able to restart and after that the network seemed to work still.

Hi @sam_nazarko. I know you must be busy with the release of RC2 but if you have a moment can you let me know whether I should try the update again or perform the update via SSH?

I also had a funky update process with the Apr 12 build. Nothing too dramatic, but everything went dead. I powered down the Vero and started it up again, and everything was fine (and updated).

Just run updates from GUI now.

Thanks @ActionA. I left it a few days and ran the updates today. Everything seems to have installed and updated correctly. No errors this time round.