Vero not working after update

I downloaded the December updates for my Vero 4k. I was prompted to restart to install and the device never came back up. It sat with black screen for over an hour. I have since cycled power but I still do not get any output to the TV. What would be my next steps please?


Do you get No Signal or a black screen?
Have you tried reinstalling from Download - OSMC?

I get a black screen. Blue light is on at the device but nothing on screen. TV works with any other input and I have changed HDMI connections with the issue following the device.

See Reinstalling OSMC - Vero 4K - OSMC

Was the device working fine before?

It has worked perfectly prior and showed the main menu. I navigated to the manual download and it downloaded and then advised it needed to restart to complete the update. It never displayed to the screen afterwards.

Downloaded and reinstalled OSMC and everything is working correctly now.


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