Vero OSMC Not receiving some sites over airplay from iPad


I just received my vero and set it up. I must say it works very smoothly with most use cases. Except one very specific:

  • Using it as a Airplay target from video played on an iPad from the site The player just jumps back.

This is kind of strange as:

  • The iPad plays the site fine without Airplay
  • The iPad plays the site fine with my Apple TV 2 as target
  • The iPad plays other sites fine using the Vero as a target.

Could this be that the site uses DRM, or is there different versions, codecs of airplay, that could come into effect?

Not being neither an Airplay, Kodi, or Vero expert I would appreciate any help I could get solving this as the Airplay from this site is the one main use case of my mrs… :wink:


Can you explain this a bit better, or possibly with a video?

If it’s only one site, the culprit is likely to be that website I’m afraid