Vero (RC2) & Sony TV, screen format problem


First of I want to thank Sam and the team for all the great work, received my Vero today, and it’s really nice!

On topic:
Connected my Vero to the TV and got it running with no problems.
I hit update, and updated to the latest firmware, RC2.
After that upgrade, when I turn on my TV (on the channel Vero is connected) it goes automatically to screen format 4:3 and not 16:9. I now have to manually do that on my TV every time it restarts.

Is this a known problem?
Thanks in advance.


Hi Andreas,

I have recently heard about the 4:3 issue and I’m looking in to this now.



Thanks for all the hard work.

I’ve experienced the same issue after updating. The OSMC splash screen is 16:9 and then automatically switches to 4:3.

The remote control still goes haywire after updating to RC2 and at times repeats pressing the same button dozens of times.


I also made a post about what I think is the same issue a couple of days ago ( Vero, GUI shown in 4:3 aspect after RC2 upgrade. Slow menus ). Also provided some logs.

Turns out that the error on my TV only showed up when using the 1920x1080 at 60Hz. Other refresh rates were not affected.