Vero turns on with “waiting for root filesystem”

Hi guys

I’ve had the Vero 4K for about a year now but for some reason I’m getting this screen when I turn it on that I can’t undo. Any help would be much appreciated.


Can you try reinstalling OSMC from the download page?


Hi Sam,

I’ve tried with the USB method ( 2 different types) with no luck having correctly run the OSMC installer as an administrator.

I’ve tried with two SD cards now (face up pins) but they just won’t stay in the Vero4K. I can feel the spring - but it won’t lock in place. I’ve tried putting it in different angles with no luck there either.

Here’s a video of my failed attempts. - YouTube

Apologies for the shaky cam! Hard to do one handed.


Managed to hold the SD card in by force while it installed.

All sorted now!


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