Vero with Sonos Playbar?


The Vero looks like a neat little device! Too bad it doesn’t support the AC wifi standard.

Here’s my question.

I’m considering purchasing a Sonos playbar and was wondering if it works with Vero and will have true surround sound (assuming I have the other speakers as well).
Would this be the correct setup? Vero into my TV using HDMI (I have an LG LA6200) and the playbar connected via optical cable.

Check that the TV can accept 5.1 IN via HDMI.
Usually, TVs only take 2.1 from HDMI and output that out through the optical.
But there are some TVs that can accept 5.1 IN.
If the 5.1 sound originated on the TV, then that comes out as 5.1.
If you are not adding rear Play:1s for a 5.1 setup, then 5.1 is of no matter to you anyway, so there would be no issue and 2.1 is what you will have.

My high end Panasonic T65 for example does not accept 5.1 through the inputs, but can send 5.1 from itself i.e its own netflix app, or aerial tv.

But to answer your question …yes, that is how it would be connected.

Hope I made sense.

Thanks. I agree it doesn’t matter for now, but once I add more speakers it will.