Vero2 and external DVD Player


I connected an external DVD Drive to my Vero2 Device yesterday. After inserting a disc, it was automatically mounted and I was able to watch it. Ejecting wasn’t a problem either, but when I wanted to play another disc, the system stopped responding (no reaction from remote control, no ssh connection possible, ping to the device timed out).

My guess is, that the Vero2 does not provide enough power for the external DVD Drive (connected by a Y-Wire to 2 Ports), and the power surge made the system hang. Do you recommend connecting DVD Drives through a powered hub? Or is there a different reason for this behaviour?

(I only tried this once, my wife was not to happy that it didn’t work at once, so I did not have the possibility to try more and provide logs. But if it’s the power, than you won’t need the logs anyway :wink: ).

Thanks in advance!