Vero4K+ automount stopped working after update

As per topic, after the last update, I suddenly cannot get my fstab mounted share to work. Tried using vers=1.0 added to the line, but nothing. I am using Samba 4, as I did before without any issues. Share does work when added through resources. So I am not sure what is the reason it doesn’t work anymore, I assume it has to do with the latest update. Any easy way to revert to the previous update?

I forgot to mention that I also upgraded my NAS Samba to 4.11 (OpenWRT) so it might be a two headed monster…

From the log that you posted in your other thread (please do not do that! Post once only) this is your fstab:

// /mnt/videos cifs x-systemd.automount,noauto,rw,iocharset=utf8,credentials=/home/osmc/.credentials,uid=osmc,gid=osmc,file_mode=0770,dir_mode=0770,vers4.11 0 0

The problem is at the end, vers4.11 It should be vers=4.11 and this has nothing to do with the latest update as the fstab is not touched during updates.

Sorry about that, I didn’t know if I should have made a separate topic or post it in your old one. I updated the fstab and still doesn’t work, this is the new log

Also, I forgot I had an older Vero4K with almost the same config and it has the same issue, so it must be an incompatibility somewhere.

You are still posting in 2 threads! Please keep it to one thread as it makes it very difficult to know what you are doing. So from here on, only update this thread.

Since you just updated your NAS and it broke your other Vero also, that points to the NAS. What I’d try is to change the vers from 4.11 to 3.0, or just remove the vers= and see if that works.

Verify the version of SMB that the NAS is using.

Will just reply here:
Uploaded the log with my password :confused: so removed it, not a password that was secure to begin with, but better not to share at all

I will try 3.0 now, without vers it doesn’t work for sure at least
With 3.0 nothing either, strange stuff, will try with my old config tomorrow, will take some time, but need this to work to be able to use Plex server

Also, the share works great on my W10 PC, so, that is why I blamed the Vero at first and if I add the share through Kodi, it works, but then Plex doesn’t work

Have you tried:

smbclient -L -U my_username

What happens if you manually mount

sudo mount /mnt/videos

protocol negotiation failed: NT_STATUS_INVALID_NETWORK_RESPONSE


osmc@Vero4K:/mnt$ sudo mount /mnt/videos
Couldn’t chdir to /mnt/videos: No such device

Thanks for helping!

Try these variations:

smbclient -m SMB3 -L -U my_username
smbclient -m SMB2 -L -U my_username
smbclient -m SMB1 -L -U my_username

2 and 3 work:
Domain=[WRT32X] OS= Server=

Sharename       Type      Comment
---------       ----      -------
Videos          Disk
Muziek          Disk
Gast            Disk
Camera          Disk
IPC$            IPC       IPC Service (Router)

Domain=[WRT32X] OS= Server=

Server               Comment
---------            -------

Workgroup            Master
---------            -------

If 2 and 3 work, then you should be able to use vers=3.0 in your fstab.

I did and still:
-bash: cd: videos: No such device

Your share is Videos, not videos. So change the fstab to match. If that still doesn’t work, please share the latest fstab (just to the logs again like you’ve been doing)

Did that with and without vers=3.0 but still the same outcome:

There is a trailing , in the fstab, but I’m not sure if that’s making a difference as it seems to be trying to mount.

Make sure your .credentials file is correct.

You could try using vers=2.0 since SMB2 worked with smbclient.

Check the logs on the NAS, maybe you will see some clues there.

In credentials <> should be included no? Or without the brackets?

Nothing with vers=2.0 and nothing in the logs, will try with an older version of the FW tomorrow, really gotta go to sleep now lol. Really appreciate the help though, these are just such frustrating issues, for me and for the people that help

The <> should not be included in the credentials file.

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Thanks, got it working now!! Weird, but glad it did, only thing I changed was the FW, thanks so much!!

If your credentials file had the <> in it originally, I don’t see now it was ever working, unless the NAS was ignoring the supplied login/password.

I had the username and password in the fstab file before, without credentials file. If I would have only changed it to vers=3.0 at that moment, I think it would have been fixed, but I thought it was vers=4.11, seems that was not the case. And then I added the credentials file with the <> and that probably stalled the process after, so, murphy’s law at work.