[Vero4k+] Bookmarks thumbnail creation on x265 videos

When I create a bookmark in a file with hevc encoded video, the thumbnail is not created correctly.
I tested 3 videos from different sources and no difference, and also tested different resolution (1080p, 720p) with same results. My installation of kodi on windows7 creates the thumbnail no problem.

the bookmark work as intended but the thumbnail is wrong. It happens only with x265 videos, x264 works as expected.

Log file: https://paste.osmc.tv/ejujiqacew

p.s.: same as this I guess: Vero 4k+ bookmark images

With 19.1 on the pi4, my bookmarks are black. no image. on any type of media (1080p, 480p).
will check the vero4k+ later and advise.
then will do logs.

My Vero 4k+ bookmarks (under 19.1) work fine for non-uhd videos. H265 video bookmarks look as described by the OP, which as indicated in the post are similar to issues demonstrated in my previous post that was linked to.

Raspberry pi 4 bookmarks, as mentioned, are blank under 19.1. i’ll create a separate post for that to keep this one now concentrated on H265.