Vero4k+ & mediacenter for 3d = I need to recalibrate screen

… every time.
Tried to save & reboot with no help.
Any ideas?

P.S. I am new to this forum but I know how to search.

Please explain the issue that requires this calibration?

Settings->System->Display->Video calibration.
By default I cannot see blue calibration corners. After calibration (38 pixels left and right, 22 pixels up and down) I can see full screen until power off/reboot.

With a modern display, you should never have to use the calibration within Kodi. You should adjust the overscan/aspect settings on the TV.

I had changed TV aspect mode from “Original” to “Just Scan”.
LOL!!! I have this TV more than 5 years :)) Never tried this settings… Aaaand… It works for me!!!

Thanks for your help!

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