Vero4K (not functional?) out of the box


just received my vero4k.
plugged in all the cables, remote dongle.
powered up the system and it did not boot (could not find boot image)

followed these instructions using a sd-card:

the normal recovery procedure leads to the vero4k resetting itself every 3 seconds

the toothpick-recovery-procedure leads to a recovery console with the warning: waiting for root fs device /dev/vero-nand/root
(yes, i renamed the file to recovery.img)

now, after the toothpick-trick booting without sd: it no longer gives the “could not find boot image” --> now its saying the root-fs story mentioned above and boots to a rescue console.

hoping for some technical support, since i was expecting this to work out of the box.


Sounds like there is a hardware problem. Do you have another 5v2A supply you could try it on?

thanks for your swift reply,

i don’t have another adapter suitable for testing.
yet if it was the power supply should it not be rebooting itself in any mode?
it only does the rebooting thing when i want to recover using the normal (NON-toothpick-method)


I’m not familiar with this message.

The device would have been tested before shipping. However, the power supply would not have been tested again, so it’s much more likely to be the issue.

So you never see the OSMC Installer come up?

That definitely sounds like the power supply being problematic to me. If you let me know your order # we can get a new one out for you.

If you have a USB male-to-male cable you can also try power Vero 4K with that temporarily. Remove the power supply first however.

hello sam,

thanks for the quick reply and offer.

in recover mode i see a graphical screen for about 0,5 seconds, then it reboots.
so i never did see a installer, not even at first power up: only command lines.

i’ll try and fix a temporary 5volt solution before we start sending goods so we can pinpoint the exact problem, that might save us both in the end.

i can fix something with my ipod charger but before i start premature-new-years-fireworks with my vero4k: which of the 2USB ports do i plug the power in?

thanks, jimi


tried using the usb as powersource, 5volt 2.1Amps

unfortunately the exact same problems remain.

The iPad charger might not be giving it enough juice either; as they’re known to have quite a drop.

My advice is:

  • Turn off the Vero 4K for 20-30 mins.
  • Try plug it in to another display with a different cable and see what happens

We can swap the unit and PSU out for you though. I suspect the problem will be the PSU (we had a customer with a similar issue recently); as the devices undergo quite vigorous testing before they are shipped out; and they are booted to set keys, MAC, etc.



powered down the vero4K for an hour while i was finding a 5volt supply.
i found a 5volt 3.2amps power supply at my friends place but the same problems persisted.

how do we start the warranty return procedure?
can i email you with my order details etc?

regards, jimi

Yes. You can email with your order # and we will take care of it from there.