Vero4k - red light, no hdmi output, no network

My vero4k suddenly stopped working. The red led is on but there is no hdmi output or network activity.

Try another 5V, 2A power supply or a USB cable.

5v 2.5a ok?


Unfortunately my 5V/2.5A PSU is usb and not barrel connector. Is there anything else I can try? I don’t think I have a spare barrel connector PSU lying around.

I have a 12V/1.5A PSU. I assume that is no good?

No – please do not use that power supply.
Do you have a USB cable at hand?

Yes, I have a usb cable on hand but I don’t see a usb port on the Vero4k…

It’s on the side of the Vero.

Ah, I thought you meant a USB micro B port. I do indeed see two USB A ports on the vero.

You can power the Vero via USB. Should confirm if the issue is PSU related.

I am happy to send you a new power supply anyway. Just send an email to

I sent an email, thanks!

Same issue here. Power supply is dead :pensive: Instead I ordered the USB 3.0 Powered HUB, but now I worry that it will not have enough juice to power my VERO4K AND a USB 3.0 HDD?

I would not recommend this.

Ok, but there’s no power supply to order from the shop?

That’s right. Maybe I should add one. But in this case I can just send you a power supply. Please send me your details.


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Thanks Sam, I’ve sent you a PM.