Vero4k+ won't complete initial setup

I just received my new Vero4k+ and was so excited to start using it, but it has gotten stuck on the initial boot/setup and won’t proceed :frowning:.

See screenshot below for what I’m seeing. It’s just been stuck on this screen for 10 minutes or so… What do I do? And why isn’t it completing the initial setup?

Can you try to reinstall?

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Thanks @ActionA, I’ll give that a go :slight_smile:

How do I turn it off? Is it safe to just pull the power plug?

In this state, yes.

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Is it best to use the 2018.12-1 or 2019.04-1 image?

I’m trying to reinstall by using a USB, but the installer won’t let me select anything other than SD :frowning:. The other options are there, but everything is greyed out.

I selected SD and then it allowed me to select my USB :confused:. Ahh well it’s working now

Use the most recent.

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Good to hear, enjoy!

Yes, it is working now. Successfully installed and booted. Thank you very much @ActionA for your quick response!

What is your order number? This issue was fixed some time ago.


Hi Sam,

Order number 24216.

Ok – the issue has since been resolved.


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Thanks Sam. All good. I received it mid last week, but have only gotten around to getting it setup now. I appreciate the fast response and follow up from you and the team.

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