Video add-on, cannot back out of menu selection

I’m using a Pi B, standard build. I go to Video Add-Ons, see all of them and select that add-on. I can back out of that menu or running videos with the ESC and arrow keys on the menu. But I can’t back out of the add-on selection and choose another add-on. (If I select YouTube, for instance, I can’t back out of the YouTube menus completely and select a different add-on like ME TV.) The only way seems to be a power-down and reboot. Any advice?

Try back space key.

Thanks! The backspace key worked great. I just got one of the little $6 “PC remote” devices, and its backspace key does the same function. (It would be nice to find a way to program OSMC to use the other function buttons, but with what I’ve got I have most of the functions I need.)