Video calibration not saved shared database

I see this issue has been raised before. I want to be sure it is not something in my configuration that is causing the video calibration to change when rebooting and sometimes when playing a video (at the start)

I have 2 Raspberry pi’s and a Vero 4k. Video is feed from a share file server and the database is stored on another Raspberry Pi. OSMC (latest version) is run on all 3 media servers.

Is the video configuration stored locally on each of OSMC devices?

If it is stored in the shared database are there separate video configuration files for each OSMC device?

I see one recommendation is to restore the video to default, which I will do, but first I want to make sure each video configuration is separated from the others.

I don’t think this is part of the shared database

Video calibration is saved per file in the settings table. If you use a shared database, then all Kodi instances will use the same settings. But, I don’t think it includes the sizing of the screen part…only contrast, etc.

It’s a stupid design decision, but there’s no way to use a shared database and not have the settings shared.

But global calibrations are kept in guisettings.xml I believe (I don’t do MySQL). No idea how the global settings are squared with the per-video settings.