Video contrast adjustment not sticking

Hi. I am using a grayscale video to calibrate my TV to the Vero 4K+ and I need to increase the contrast from 50% to 55%. I can do this whilst a video is playing back, and then click to set it as default for all videos.

When I next play a video, the contrast is not correct. It says it is at 55%, but I have to re-adjust it, eg up to 56% then back down to 55%, for it to actually take effect. I have rebooted and exit-ed a few times, but this behaviour is persistent.

Any ideas?


I thought we’d fixed this – but perhaps that was only for brightness.
Can you confirm if brightness is at least persistent?


Hi, yes, I just checked and it is definitely working correctly for brightness, but not contrast.

We should have a fix for this – but it hasn’t been released publicly yet (it’s in our staging repository). Do you know how to use SSH?

Otherwise you can just wait for the next update which should address things

I did use SSH a long time ago, but have no clue how to do it now. I am happy to wait for the fix, thanks for the response.

Thanks – let me know after the next update (announced on Blog - OSMC usually) how you get on.