Video: How to install OSMC on a Rapberry PI

How to install OSMC on a Rapberry PI
I wanted to give something back to the community so decided to make this quick start guide on how to install OSMC on a raspberry pi for anyone that might be having difficultys :slight_smile:

Link: How to Install OSMC On A Raspberry Pi (Open Source Media Centre) [Quick Install] - YouTube


Thanks for this @cookiejunkieā€¦ Gonna get @sam_nazarko to make a URL and add this to the wiki proper.

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Awesome, thanks @ActionA :smiley: I will be doing more stuff but thought that the general installation setup would be the best place to start, I did this for the old XBMC and my comments section basically turned into a sort of forums page it was great, I even learnt a lot from other various people which is why Iā€™m glad you guys have stream lined all these forums.