Video not working for some streams after update (2015-08-03)

On streams from Canadian Broadcasting Corporation the video does not work although audio is playing. This was not a problem before the update 2015-08-03.

Can’t help you without some logs. Please enable Kodi debug mode, then attempt to play the streams in question, then without rebooting go into My OSMC -> Log uploader and upload all logs. Thanks.

ok, this is new to me but I have done it. the url is

hope that helps.

Does enabling omxplayer in video/acceleration settings help?

I had a similiar problem, after update, some of my mpeg4 coded movie collection, suddenly couldn’t longer play, but before the update it could.

To enable omxplayer was the perfect solution for me, all my videos plays perfect again.

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PS: Could it be that omxplayer was enabled by default, before update?

Yes, omxplayer used to be the default on pi2 and no longer is.
All files that play with omxplayer should play with dvdplayer (omxplayer disabled), but it is possible there is a bug.
Debug logs and/or sample files that fail to play with dvdplayer would be helpful to fix the problem.

The problem is now fixed. Don’t know what fixed it because I decided to do a reinstall because I also wanted to change my setup. This time started with noobs lite and used that to install raspbian and osmc. After doing this in osmc went to check for updates and it seems the latest update 2015-08-04 is now installed and the video stream plays fine. I figured the osmc team did something - if so, pretty amazing response speed !!!

Now with the fresh install i can get on with reconfiguring.


Sorry, my mistake, problem may not be fixed.

Very new to RPi and OSMC did not realize right away that the fresh install was the initial stable release from the end of June not the new update. No wonder it was working as before and even had the familiar look in confluence.

I now have to decide when update and figure out what is going on.

Did you try the suggestion above to turn on omxplayer ? This is in Settings->Video->Acceleration.


here an sample Video for downloading and testing purposes.


Without omxplayer it doesn’t work (Black Screen… but some Sound)

With omxplayer it works fine.

Hope it helps to find the failure.

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Sorry, No. I did not see the suggestion until after I had done the fresh install. I don’t currently have the time to go through installing the update and the issues I encountered and the others I’m reading in the forums.

The problem should be easy to recreate with an update as CBC is an addon available in the default package.

Interesting. I have a different, sometimes exact the opposite behaviour with a vast number of my mkvs. With Ominplayer black screen, no sound. Without Omniplayer it seems to play normally. Others the other way around.

Some play once, and next time they’re all black.

mkvmerge --identify shows these videos as:
Track ID 0: video (MPEG-4p2)
Track ID 1: audio (MP3)
These mkvs were produced by Handbrake.

I’m using OSMC with KODI update of august 7.
The previous version of Kodi that I used with RaspBMC (14.0 Git:2014-12-24-e044d5a-dirty) had no problems playing these videos.

I can’t find the accelerate topic in my settings/video to turn on omxplayer
Is there a way to enable it via commandline (ssh)?

You must enable either Adavanced or Expert Settings in the lower left.

Many thanks. Found it and changed it - let’s see whether my Movies are running again