Video playback stutter with large files


i’ve some issues about playback at my local lan. From my NAS (Nas4Free, SMB Share, 1GBit LAN) to my RasPi2 (internal LAN) the video playback stutters if i’m playing large files. I’ve tested it with a 24GB file (~90mins) and its not usable. It plays very well from a local USB stick. So i’ve tried different solutions from searching here and the net.

  • I’ve modifed my advancedsettings for more buffer but no help. (from example 4)
  • Tested with NFS but doesn’t work cause i use symlinks on my NAS that will only work if i open everything → no way
  • Last test is with TP-Link UE300 1GBit USB Adapter. From my Benchmarks with the PI to the NAS it upgrades the Bandwidth from 94.2 Mbits/sec to 183 Mbits/sec. But that gives even more stutters.

Has anyone some ideas how i could solve this ?

Try an fstab based mount.