Video repeat/ shuffle RPi raspbmc lost in RPi2 osmc?

raspbmc until Kodi 15 (compiled feb? 2015) on RPi B offered shuffle and repeat function for videoclips identical to same function for music play (no playlist used, just the file list). set in the left side slidein tool.

Now using RPi2 to do the same thing, but prefer newer Kodi (16.0 compiled feb21 2016) due to improved conectivity, USB analog audio support (Teufel C200WL dongle. Finally :)) and some other.
For music, same repeat/ shuffle play method works still fine.

-> to shuffle play or repeat play video clips from file list, the old setting has disappeared? Only found addon “play random video” which just shows error message. How can i now get osmc shuffle or repeat play video?

-> is there any way to mix plays of videoclips and pure audio?

Thx for help. greybear

As the question is not OSMC specific I believe you get easier an answer at