View log file using Putty


I am trying to setup Backup to Dropbox and it’s giving me issues. I have already “Authorized” it, but, it seems the RPi still does not like it for some reason.

I do not know all of the commands yet being so new to Linux.

How can I display the log file so I can the the URL in Putty?

I Cannot seem to remember the command to view the file.


You should use the OSMC log system if you are uploading it for help with a bug



Thanks for the reply.

This is not a bug. The procedure is, after doing the setup on Dropbox, and OSMC, you open the Backup program.

It then makes an entry in the log file with a URL that is time sensitive, that you have to copy and paste into your browser. That action “Confirms” that you want to connect your RPi OSMC to your Dropbox. There is a dialog box that opens when you do this that sits and waits for you to press OK, so you cannot do anything else within OSMC while you are getting this URL from your log file.

The only way I know to do this is by using an SSH program to remote into the RPi.

This should work:

tail -F /home/osmc/.kodi/temp/kodi.log

The kodi log will be shown in real time in your ssh session.


Thank you.

It seems to be working…