Virtualbox and OSMC

I followed these instructions to setup a virtual machine with Debian

Now that I have a Debian virtual machine, is it possible to install OSMC on it?

I am really not sure where to start giving you the right hint to understand on what wrong idea you are riding, but let’s try:

  1. “OSMC is a free and open source media center built for the people, by the people.”, which may not be 100% clear but actually OSMC is an “OS” (Operating System) by itself so you could not install it on top of Debian.

  2. You virtualbox is a x86 virtual machine so most of the OSMC package which are (currently) target for ARM will not work

  3. A Virtualmachine very likely would not have the video capabilities that are required for fluent playback.

OSMC’s x64 project is still in progress.

When this is ready, I will add VirtualBox guest additions by default and you will be able to enjoy OSMC in a VM. With HW passthrough, you may be able to get some video accel. It will certainly be great for developers but it will never be recommended for actual use. We have OSMC for Windows which will fill that gap. You won’t get proper video unless you use a better hypervisor with proper HW passthrough.

Actually we have had everything as ‘amd64’ for some time in repo, but no time (volunteers) to build images yet and get a proper installation process going.

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