Virtually unable to load/view large photo folders

Hello, I am digging my Vero 4K that replaced a Kodi on Windows install on an Intel NUC. Now I get real HDR playback! :slight_smile:

But… the one thing that has completely stopped working, is viewing photo folders from SMB shares (with the NUC install rocked at with the same skin, same Kodi version). It works as long as there is a very small amount of images that are all very small. (like under 100 images, and each of those 1080P scale or smaller).

I am a photographer and have some large “best of” image shares that I like to go through now and then, some of these folders have 1500 images in them, each either downsized to 1080P or 4K resolution, sizes in the 2 - 3MB range. (all images are hosted on a file server)

When I go and try to open one of the folders, it just spins at busy… eventually opening it after about 45 seconds or a minute. Sometimes it blue screens and reboots, sometimes it lets me in. Then opening any images takes a while and that too may cause it to bluescreen (sad face screen).

I captured logs a while ago and it looked like when you try to open a photo folder the Skin Helper service starts trying to make a playlist of all the images or something.

There’s a known issue with Kodi handling folders with large images. I think this is improved in Kodi v18.

How much RAM does your NUC have?
Could you check memory usage when opening a large folder?

If you post some logs I’ll see if we can do something in the short term.


the NUC (NUC7i3BNH) has 8GB of ram in it, so quite a bit for Kodi uses. I will capture some logs and get them posted. I wont be back home for a few days so it may be a little bit. Thanks!

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