VPN Can't Disconnect

Hello everyone,

I’ve installed OSMC on my Rasp Pi B3 and I seem to have an opposite problem than with most people. I can’t disconnect from my VPN

I have “VPN Manager for OpenVPN” app installed. When I go to “Change or Disconnect” and choose “Disconnect” it stops on the progress bar showing “Stopping any active VPN connections” for a minute or two, then shows the info page where it is still connected to the VPN.

I’ve tried to ssh into the raspberry pi and run systemctl stop openvpn and then kill <any open-vpn-processes> which will disconnect me for a minute, but then openvpn starts back up and automatically connects me to the VPN

How do I disconnect from the VPN?


I’ve figured it out -

Behind the scenes, VPN Manager for OpenVPN uses the command sudo killall openvpn to kill all OpenVPN processes

I was missing the package needed for killall, which I installed with
sudo apt-get install psmisc