VPN Connection on vero 4k+


Struggling to get my iptv to work when connected through a VPN (openVPN). When checking, it seems I am successfully connected, however if trying to watch a channel it fails to play. If I disconnect from the VPN it plays without any problems. A link to the log → http://paste.oscm.tv/tobipigida

Grateful for any support. Thanks



Have you checked for network connectivity in general – such as playing a file via another add-on or seeing if you can access the Internet to rule out it being an add-on that has implemented geo-blocking / VPN detection?


should not be related to geo-blocking, I am able to play news, programs etc from archive. The problem occurs when I want to play live TV, it simple fails to play - very strange.

Have you checked with the add-on developer and IPTV provider?