VPN for OSMC on RPi 2?

I intend to install a Kodi variant to create a media centre on the Rpi 2 and after much research have decided to use OSMC.

Is there a straightforward and effective way of achieving this? I would like to configure the VPN within OSMC and not the RPi.


The RPi is a piece of hardware and I doubt that you are going to install a VPN into it’s firmware :wink:
Not sure if you meant you like to configure it in the GUI (Kodi) instead of the command line. Currently there is no such feature in Kodi/OSMC to configure it via GUI in the moment. But you can install and configure a VPN on the command line. Search for “openvpn” in this forum for help

Thanks - I meant by configuring the OSMC GUI as opposed to Linux as I only want OSMC to use the VPN.

So the answer is no. I hope this will be a feature in the future…

OSMC is an Operating System (Debian Linux) that is running Kodi as a Media Center.
Actually for the VPN you configure it once and then never need to touch it so I don’t think the GUI part being so impotant.
In terms of (de)activating the VPN if you want to do that via GUI that is possible with a system call from Kodi

The GUI is not an issue - I have considerable Linux experience - own servers etc.

I guess what I intended to say was that I only want to route OSMC thorough the VPN and not all the IP traffic most of which I want to keep local as I will be using the RPi for other Linux related functions as well.

  1. You are still mixing up OSMC and Kodi. I assume what you wanted to say that you only wanted to route the Kodi traffic through VPN, or?
  2. If that is the case than the topic still is not the GUI but the definition of what you consider “Kodi” traffic. I believe people may be able to help you if you explain what you want to achieve! Do you want to connect a remote OSMC/Kodi installation to your movie server at home? Or are you actually referring to video streams that you want to watch with one of the Kodi addons that you want to run thru a public VPN Server?