Watch videos from FTP server

i have just switched my raspberry pi 1 from raspmbc to OSMC, and I would like to know how can I connect my RPi to my FTP server to watch movies. I have been looking directly in video sources and plugins, but I did not find anything related to this.

Thanks for your help! :smile:
Keep improving it !!

You should be able to specify FTP server in Add Source.


I don’t find such option in latest RP1 version

You need to look a bit harder.

Scroll down to “Add network location…” in the Browse for new share dialog. From there you can select many different protocols including FTP.

Hello, first of all I’m very dissappointed with your “rude” support and after thinking a lot about telling you that what you say it’s not true i decided to contribute just to help other people.

  • If i say that there is no such option is because there is NOT such option. There is no way to scroll with the mouse over an invisible scroll
  • After using a pad I found the option and voila! second mistake, after pressing that option just uses net://. Another time, there is NO option to choose ftp. After pressing the same button three times a menu config appeared where I could select ftp

For your information all that happened with latest release. Hope you learn a bit for the future and improve your communication