Watching stream (2.5mb/s) does not work. (Wrong forum?)

The add-on I’m using is called nrk nett tv.
The content is h.264, aac, and never above 720.
This stutters and glitches after a short time.
However youtube with 3.5 mb/s works fine.
I can see buffering on youtube, but not on the other add-on. Is this a buffering issue? I can se dropped frames and i suspect that when the first frame is dropped everything crashes and does not correct itself.
I also se that nothing plays at 1080 on the youtube add-on, but google answers that this is probably how it’s going to be until something called DASH is fixed in kodi.

Someone got an idea if this is fixable?

Wrong forum?

Generally with addon questions you are much better off if you post them on in the respective forum.
What you also can do to ensure it is a Addon/Kodi issue and not a OSMC issue run Kodi on your PC and check if it has same issue on your PC