WD IR Remote Problem, commands executed over and over

i use an WD TV Live remote which i used before on my Raspi PI 3 without problems.
On the Vero 4K+ with infrared receiver it works fine but sometimes the Vero seems to execute the
commands from the remote over and over. It has nothing to do with the remote itself because i have the same effect when using the Logitech Harmony which is programmed to used WD TV Live codes.



Are you referring to the Built-In IR Receiver or did you connected an additional USB IR Receiver?
Which remote profile have you chosen in MyOSMC?

I use the wd tv live remote profile, and the built in receiver.

Try creating the profile again.


Okay, what exactly do you mean with recreate the profile?

The profile (LIRC) was likely created for a specific TSOP based receiver.
You should use irrecord to retune it for Vero.