Weird color issues (pink and green)

So i just got my vero 4k+ hooked up. Tried on 2 different tv’s and with 2 different hdmi cables and running into the same issue. In the blue screens that come with one of the default skins. There’s a lot of green and blue and it’s obviously not meant to look that way.

I’ve tried messing with all the settings in the menu with no results. Also strangely the UI won’t run in anything but 720p on my 4k tv.

The tv is an LG OLED B9 55inch. Brand new as well. But everything else I’ve connected has worked perfectly. (Nvidia shield, game consoles, bluray)

I’m hoping this is just some setting that by fluke is wrong?


Do you see this during boot up as in when OSMC splash is shown?



i think it was a filthy hdmi port on the vero

You can try cleaning the port with isopropyl alcohol.

Can you show us a picture of the port?

You say ‘it was’ (past tense), is this still an issue?

yes it seems to be fixed now after cleaning with iso alcohol spray. Thanks. Now to figure out why it randomly shuts off

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Please open a new thread if you need help with that.
But first questions would be status of “shuts off”. What’s the status of the LED, blue or red? Can you still connect via ssh or http?