Weird network/ftp behaviour after last update

Hi, today my Vero 4K updated to latest version.

As usual, i was going to copy new files over wired network using ftp (to SD card)

Before the update, speed was at around 12MB/s, now it goes like 102MB/s (500MB from 0% to 100% in 4-5 seconds) - but the whole operation takes about the same time - it waits at 100% about a minute for the file complete.

During copiing, i saw a few APPE commands, and a few disconnects/reconnects.

Is this normal?

Can you show some log or screenshot of this?

Do you see the same results with other protocols?

There are no real changes to networking in this update


I tried a few things and read some articles - the problem was with my antivirus. After i disabled it, everything is back to normal.

Which anti-virus software were you using?

Its a Bitdefender free edition.

In complete ftp log i saw a few “OFFLINE4” messages, which led me to this forum: ftp problem: download OK, upload essentially fails - Total Commander (i am using Total Commander) and in second post is mentioned anti-virus software.