Weird problem with TV antenna and OSMC on RPi3

Okay, so this is going to sound incredibly weird…

So I’m running the latest version of OSMC on my RPi3. It’s running on its own partition. Basically, when I try to stream from my server whether it is audio or video, it constantly buffers or skips. I thought maybe WiFi was the problem, so I wired directly in and turned off WiFi. Even gave the Pi a static IP. Still skipping/buffering…

Now here’s where it gets weird! We also watch TV, with the aid of our non-amplified HD antenna. I noticed that when the Pi is running, some stations do not come in or barely come in. As soon as I shut the Pi off, they come in crystal clear! Even stranger, if I take down the antenna while streaming, I have no buffering or skipping issues! I’ve done multiple speed tests with multiple test scenarios to see if maybe Spectrum was having issues delivering 30MBps, but alas I’m getting almost 35!

Has anyone came across such a weird problem? It’s not a huge deal unhooking the antenna when I want to play music through the house and vice versa, but it is definitely silly and should have no effect on the Pi. Here’s everything I’m using:

-RPi3 with JB Tek case.
-Netgear R6250 router
-RCA HD flat antenna

Any help is appreciated!

Well, it looks like some kind of radio interference might be occurring. A very simple test would be to put the Pi inside a metal container of some sort with the lid on. Pass the cables through a small hole, and keep them away from the TV. See of the problem persists with the Pi screened. You can also see if increasing the distance between the Pi and the antenna (and TV) reduces the skipping.

I’ll try something out. Also wanted to note that I have also moved (bought a house) and I did not have this problem at my old address with the same setup. My old apartment was incredibly congested with antennas and dishes too. Just seems weird is all. I’ll try isolating the Pi or maybe moving it away from the antenna to see if that helps. Thanks for the quick reply!

Radio is weird and moves in mysterious ways.

Think I might have figured out my problem.

I totally forgot I’m using this airmouse remote control too. I wonder if that, in combination with the antenna are messing everything up. I’m going to move the Pi away from the antenna, and see if it improves.

EDIT: Actually, it wouldn’t have anything to do with the antenna on the Pi would it?Looked this up to see if there were any radio antennas on the Pi, and sure enough…

EDIT 2: Yeah, I said screw it and moved the Pi to the other side of the entertainment center. Works like a charm now on both!