Weird ratings for movies

Hi all
I use the kodi Universal movie scraper extension together with The Movie Database (is this last extension necessary?) to get information about the movies stored.
Regarding the ratings, I don’t know where there come from but it sounds bizarre:
For a movie I have:
Notation (weird translation too for “Note”) : 3,6 (8 votes)
3,6 upon what? 10 I suppose,
but 8 votes?
Where do thos votes comme from.
I thought IMDB was scraped and their ratings displayed (I prefer Rotten Tomtatoes, but).
What’s wrong with my extension?

Can you give more details about a couple of your movies and their ratings. Something like;
Movie name

That’ll help to find it on and cross-reference what you have against the online db.

Having changed the skin I dig where the ratings come from.
the Kodi’s users.

Top Hat (1935)
Mark Sandrich

100 %
Rotten Tomatoes

and the Kodi users:

So, how can I display IMD and Rotten Tomatoes ratings?

You should be asking this question in Kodi forums. It’s solely dependant on kodi and not specific to OSMC.

Ok, Top Hat (1935) does indeed have a rating of 5.9/10 on TMDB (Top Hat (1935) — The Movie Database (TMDB)) so the system itself is working fine.

Have a look at this (A bit old but may still be correct), you might just have to tweak the scraper a bit to work like you want.

@ ActionA
You are right.
Next time (if so) I’ll do so.

I have watched the video.
I have done this same configuration twice after having delete the source, then adding it and reindexing the DB, but no way.
It’s still the TheMovieDB ratings.

Are there any other pages to the Universal Scraper? The video shows config pages for General, Plot, Credits and Poster but are there separate pages for Ratings?

This is probably where to raise this (As ActionA already said).

I’m going to ask my question there.
Thanks again.